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My 6 favorite books on decision making

My 6 favorite books on decision making

If you ever ask me for a book recommendation, I’ll likely suggest all or one of the following books. What’s on your list of favorite books on decision making?

  1. Thinking in Bets, Annie Duke

    Thinking in Bets is an easy read that offers valuable insights into the process of decision-making. By examining the role of emotions, feedback, and probability in our thinking, the author provides a framework for making more informed and effective decisions.

  2. Think Again, Adam Grant

    In Think Again, Adam Grant encourages readers to challenge their own assumptions and beliefs. The book argues that people often rely on their intuition and preconceived notions to make decisions and interpret the world around them, but that this can lead to biased thinking and flawed conclusions.

  3. Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking, Malcolm Gladwell

    In Blink, Malcolm Gladwell explores the concept of “thin-slicing” - the ability of our unconscious mind to make quick, accurate assessments of situations based on limited information. Gladwell argues that our unconscious mind is incredibly powerful and can often make better decisions than our conscious mind.

  4. Algorithms to Live By: The Computer Science of Human Decisions, Brian Christian and Tom Griffiths

    Algorithms to Live By, the authors explore the ways in which principles from computer science can be applied to everyday decision-making. You don’t need to be a computer scientist to benefit from the concepts of this book.

  5. Decisive: How to Make Better Choices in Life and Work, Chip Heath and Dan Heath

    Decisive: How to Make Better Choices in Life and Work is a book by Chip Heath and Dan Heath that explores the process of decision-making and offers strategies for making better choices.

  6. Smart Choices: A Practical Guide to Making Better Decisions, John S. Hammond, Ralph L. Keeney, and Howard Raiffa

    Smart Choices is one of the most useful books on decision making, offering a systematic framework for evaluating and choosing among options, as well as a wealth of strategies and techniques for implementing it in different contexts.