Rutul Davè

Builds products & startups.

Rutul is an entrepreneur who loves creating products and building startups.

In 2012, he founded Bright Funds with a mission to reimagine charitable giving and build a platform for a new generation of donors focused on impact. With three startups and an exit under his belt, he lives and breathes startups.

He is on CauseArtist’s list of social entrepreneurs to watch for in 2014. He is also an active voice on immigration reform and was featured on The Wall Street Journal in 2013. He doesn’t write much, but his thoughts on Agile software development were published in ‘Creative Entrepreneurship’, a collection of essays helping founders great build companies.


I GOT $HIT DONE - Track your accomplishments.

USYBEE - Helping job seekers get an edge in job applications.

Startup Bookmarks - An active list of resources for building a better startup.

C/C++ Tests - Test projects and code samples in c and c++ created as I navigated the world of systems programming.

Flow - App for Reroute Hackathon on 19th Oct, 2012.

IsItAStartup? - A simple Q&A bot that helps you evaluate if you should launch a startup based on your idea.