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Learn how this app was created

Session I

Start with creating a new project, creating a story board, adding segues, and adding some static data that is displayed in a tableView.

Session II

In this session, I added a button and connected it to a different view through a segue. I also added some UI elements for a form -- a text field, a text view and a button along with some empty controllers.

Session III

In Session III, I cleaned up the UI and the layout with some Auto Layout magic. I also passed data between views using segues.

Session IV

Created a basic data model for the Idea object. Then I added some code so that the keyboard is show/hidden when the text field or the text view is clicked. Then I added logic to have the buttons have state based on what's in the input fields. Finally I made the 'Add' button save the record in memory.

Session V

In this final session, I added some simple animation, the ability to delete records, and encoding/decoding logic to save and retrieve records in NSUserDefaults.