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Currently, I am the Cofounder & CTO of Maxwell, a company that builds software and services to power the future of home financing.

Before Maxwell, I founded Bright Funds in 2012 with a mission to design experiences that unlock passion and capital from a new generation of donors focused on impact. Before creating Bright Funds, I worked in marketing, product design, and software engineering at various successful bay-area startups and venture-backed private companies including Coverity (acquired by Synopsys), Omneon (acquired by Harmonic), Topspin (acquired by Cisco) and Procket Networks (acquired by Cisco). For a chronological look at my background and experiences, you can find my resume on Usybee.

I was on CauseArtist’s list of social entrepreneurs to watch for in 2014. I have been an active voice on immigration reform in United States, and was featured in The Wall Street Journal and on a KRON news segment on on startup visas.

When inspired to write, I share my thoughts on startups, products, and design. My essay on Agile software development was published in ‘Creative Entrepreneurship’, a collection of essays helping founders great build companies.

As an advisor, engineer, investor, and a product consultant, I help turn ideas into a successful companies.

Rutul Davé

Rutul Davé